Review: Amare Terra Natural Shoe Odor Eliminator

*disclaimer- this is a sponsored blog post. I received the product for free to review*
So it's never something that you want to admit- the chance that your feet stink, but let's face facts- if you wear dress shoes for 60 hours a week, they probably don't smell the greatest. I know mine don't. I am working a 19 hour shift today (and I'm not even in the medical field!) and the shoes I'm wearing do not breathe. I can slip them off while I am sitting in my office checking and responding to emails, but otherwise, I am running around and helping customers all day, so my feet can get kind of gross. I was reluctant to test out something like this shoe spray, but honestly, I love it! I spray it in my shoes when I get home from work, when they are sweaty and grody anyway, and by morning, they have dried, and they aren't anywhere near as offensive as they were before I started using it. I used powders before, but they can leave white on your shoes and feet, and while they absorb moisture, they don't really take care of pre-existing smells, they just mask them. This spray works like a fabric spray, completely absorbing the odors, and then whicking them away as they evaporate. I got two bottles, and I am probably going to bring the second one with me to work, so that I can refresh my shoes after something like a particularly sweaty day, or if I have to mop up something unsavory and might have stepped in it. Both happen more often than not for, anyway!

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