Review: Moichef Collapsible Reusable Wine Bottle

*disclaimer- this is a sponsored blog post. I received the product for free to review*

Today I want to tell you guys about this awesome collapsible wine bottle from Moichef, available on It's easy enough to fill, but a second set of hands definitely help. I DO recommend using a funnel for pouring, and of course, wash it thoroughly after purchasing it and after each use- I can imagine that it would grow things pretty rapidly if you didn't. I wasn't able to test it out with wine yet, because I am on a crazy work schedule right now, but I did fill it up with some tasty pink lemonade to take to work with me, so that I'm not drinking soda all the time. I thought that it would be difficult to pour once I got down to the halfway point, since it does collapse, but it actually worked out really well. Since it's not glass, I can just toss it into my bag with my lunch, or even a bigger purse or tote bag, and lug it with me to work without worrying about it breaking on me. I can't wait to get to take it on a picnic, with real wine in it. I might even order a second one so that I can take a drink for the kids that isn't carbonated, too!

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