Adeline Hyaluronic Acid Serum Review

 *disclaimer- this is a sponsored blog post. I received the product for free to review*

I'm sorry I haven't been posting much- I just did a 41 day stint at work with one day off in the middle. I'm so exhausted! Anyway, thankfully during that time I was blessed with being able to test out some awesome facial care products, one of them being this great hyaluronic acid serum. Now I know that the name sounds scary, believe me, I researched it before I was willing to put it on my face, but it turns out that the connective tissue in your body actually produces hyaluronic acid naturally, and it bonds with water and makes everything firm and strong. Like under your eyes. Oh, under my eyes. The bags were so bad after the first week (I was doing 15-19 hours EVERY Thursday AND Friday- so 30-38 hours in TWO days) that I named the bags. One was Dooney, the other was Bourke. Then, I applied this WONDERFUL ambrosia, and after a few hours, the bags were noticabley shrinking. It was great! Check it out on Amazon here.

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