Fertilify Fertility Supplement Review

*disclaimer- this is a sponsored blog post. I received the product for free to review*
This is a more complicated review, since I can't really tell you if it works, or just seems to have a placebo effect on my body. Either way, I have some really weird cycles, and since we have been TTC (for almost two years!) it's really difficult to tell if I'm ovulating, pregnant, or just having a weird cycle. I have gone through dozens of tests, just to finally be disappointed around day 50-65. I was on another one of those ridiculous cycles and received this product, to test and review. I am seriously hoping that it works the promised miracle. Either way, within 48 hours of taking the first dose (tastes sour, but good,) I started my period. I had already been through 6 tests, so it was nice to start, instead of be left to wonder. I am hoping that this is the product that we need, short of going to a medical facility for tests and treatment, to have another baby. So far, no complaints, and it already seems to have started regulating me.

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