The Reacher Grabber

*disclaimer- this is a sponsored blog post. I received the product for free to review*

I've been playing with another product that was sent to me to test. This time, it was an awesome grabbing tool, made for extending your reach and helping you not bend or climb on things. First, we checked to see if it hurt when you got grabbed with it. It's rubberized clamps, however, made it nearly impossible to bring any pain when it's grabs a finger. Then there was the dexterity test- I was able to pick a sheet of paper up off of the carpet with no problem, although it did have some issue grabbing it off of a tile floor without creasing it. It had trouble grabbing a two liter bottle of soda from the side, but from above, it had no issue. It even handled a full one just fine, which helped with the weight test, too! We also managed a rubber mallet, a full bottle of ketchup, and my purse- which trust me, isn't light! I'm excited to play with this grabber some more- I might take it to work for the next time that I clean the parking lot, it would really help my back out!

Go check out the #reachergrabber over on Amazon, here.

From ScrapNMommy