+Lifeguard car charger

*disclaimer- this is a sponsored blog post. I received the product for free to review*

Hello all, I come bearing tidings of great jolts! Well, I don't really know how many jolts, I'm not that into science and electricity, but I do have some great power, and with that power, I have the responsibility to tell you about it! This is the +Lifeguard car charge. It has 2 USB ports, lights up while plugged in, and charges way faster than any other cigarette lighter USB adapter I have tried out for my phone, iPod, or iPad. Oh yeah- it charges my iPad! A lot of charges aren't powerful enough to do so, but this bad boy is! I received the silver one, but the black one looks pretty sleek, too. It's got some heft to it, not like a cheap little $5 hook up that you pick up from Wal Mart while going through the check out lane. It's made of metal and some heavy duty plastic, but mostly metal. You know it's working when it lights up a lovely blue, and in the 6 minutes it takes me to drive from work to home, it jumped my phone battery up 12%, on two separate occasions. The drive to work always takes longer, since it's earlier in the day, and that normally gets me a good 20%. I am very impressed with this little charger, and am debating purchasing another one for the back seat, so the kids can charge their iPods while we are on the road. (We live in a little town around an hour away from Indianapolis- any trips to the city take a while.) I would definitely recommend putting one in your Amazon.com cart today if you are in the market for a universal car charger!

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