K9 Joint Relief- liquid glucosamine for dogs

*disclaimer- this is a sponsored blog post. I received the product for free to review*
Have I ever told you guys about Chewie and the hell that poor girl has been through?

Chewie is our amazing, wonderful Finnish Spitz. She is a senior, and that poor girl has been through the seven levels of hell and back in her life. When we found her, it was in an ad for the local animal care and control. She was this pathetic looking matted ball of fluff with a gnarly scar around her snout and weird, pokey-out teeth. She looked like a red Persian cat, but she had the most soulful eyes- begging to go home with someone, anyone, who would love her. We went to see her, our oldest daughter just an infant, and when we met her, our hearts broke. That weird scar was actually from some jackhole wrapping wire around her pretty little snout and leaving it there while the skin grew over it. She had to have it surgically removed from UNDER her skin. She was a bait dog in a fighting ring that had recently been raided, and she was one of the few dogs that they were able to 'salvage.' Several had to be put down because their health was so terribly poor. Well, we brought this sad little lady home with us, and she turned out to be one of the most wonderful dogs anyone could ask for. She heels without a leash, won't eat the kids' food unless it's on the floor or they hand it to her, has the patience of a saint with babies (she has been through all three of ours, after all) and is as protective of them as if they were her own puppies, never mind they're twice her size now. Several years after we adopted her, we moved. The neighborhood we moved to had one little tiny dirt road running through it, and the neighbor kids all played together, and our next door neighbor had come over (with HER dog) and the pups were having a grand old time running back and forth from one yard to the next. Now I know that we are just as responsible as the driver, but like I said, it was a little dirt road with little kids running back and forth from one home to the next, and there was even a big old playground smack dab in the middle. Well, one of the boys who lived down the street decided that THAT was the day he wanted to show off what his truck could do. On a tiny dirt road. With children and animals always playing on or near it. That's right, folks, my beautiful Chewie got run over. The other dog got hit, too, but he was sturdy and walked away. Chewie's leg was completely rolled over and turns out it was splintered in three different places. The vet talked pins, then amputation, then maybe just splinting it to see what would happen. We wound up getting a fairly minor surgery (considering) done on her, so the bone was mostly where it needed to be, and once that cast was on, the vet was actually pretty confidant that the leg was saved. Well, she was right, and I am very thankful for that, but my poor girl has (understandably) favored that leg ever since. Several years down the road, arthritis has set in pretty badly for our old lady, and every once in a while it gets bad enough that she whimpers in pain and won't get up or go anywhere that day, especially when it's cold out. We have to try different doggy drugs for her, but then she acts all drunk and weird, and we feel bad for doing that to her, too. And that's where the sponsored portion of this post kicks in. I was sent this K9 Joint Relief liquid about a week ago, and let me tell you, Chewie is a new woman! You can still tell that she favors the leg, but she is actually getting around better than she has in years! She will run around with the kids, and even jump now and then. If I didn't know better, I would think that someone had swapped my dog out for a younger version of herself. It's amazing! If any of you have an older dog whose joints are stiff and achy, I would most certainly recommend this Joint Relief liquid for them! Check it out at Amazon!

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