Busy, busy, busy!

Hello everyone out here in blogland! You all have my sincerest apologies for not rambling lately. First off, I would like to tell you all that Thursday, April 16th, will be my husband's and my FOURTH anniversary! Yay! (Keep in mind that I am 23 years old, ya'll.) Second, I would love to announce that HE FINALLY HAS A JOB! WHOOT! He is now a cook for a local buffet, and he gets not only his 40 hours a week, but he has gotten at LEAST 2 hours of overtime every week so far! Sweet!

Ok, done with HUGE announcements. Just to share, though, he got me the project runway limited edition sewing machine for our anniversary, and I let him build a new PC- which means that I am currently using his OLD PC, which leaves MY old PC in the dust. :) Win-win, plus an extra win when we set up my old one to use our phone (remember the magic jack post?) and to download my scrapping stuff, etc., on. Yay again!

Oh yeah, we got a mini van. Yes, a mommy mobile. I am SOOOOOOO happy! (I walked to work for almost 4 months, ya'll! Grrrr!) It's a Chevy Venture, for anyone who wants to know. Oh, and it has a built in carseat for Bubba! How awesome is THAT?

So I have this favorite shirt, from way back in the day, that I HAD to wear another shirt under. It's a Thundercat shirt, just plain black with the big red logo, but the fabric had a rather LARGE hole in it, where the screenprinting met the black, and in the eyes, mouth, etc. I also found a super sale at JoAnn's Fabric, Simplicity patterns for 99 cents! I mean, c'mon, they cost between $10 and $16 EASY on a normal basis. So I stocked up, duh. ;) One of the patterns that I got, from the new "Go Green" scheme, involves making a recycled purse out of- you guessed it- and old tee shirt! So I am in the process of making the COOLEST Thundercat purse EVER. By the way- this is my FIRST pattern, EVER, so I am having a teensy weensy bit of trouble, and am definitly wishing that I hadn't started with my fave shirt. Oh well, what's done is done, and I'm gonna make it, regardless. *setsmindtoit* I'll post pics when (if) it's ever done.

In the latest *sad* news, my friend Gabrielle and her hubby are going to be moving even farther away the Mississippi. He is being stationed in GERMANY! In *happy* news of the same topic, I can SO send her money so she can send me nifties from somewhere that has a LOT to do with my past! (My grandfather's grandfather escaped during the holocaust, and his aunt was formerly a princess in the Black Forest, until she married an American soldier and was disowned. Fun times, huh?) So, Gabrielle and Steven, I wish you both the best of luck! I'm gonna miss you even more than I do when you are only (a lot of) states away. :(

Oh yeah, my daughter will no longer be called anything but "Princess". Yeah. She points to herself and says "I princess" every time you call her anything else, such as the nickname she has had since BIRTH, "Monkey", and even her own name on many occasions. lol. She's so cute!

Well, I have to try to get PhotoShop to work on this computer, or else I am going to have 2 PCs hooked up in here, and will most likely blow the circuit breaker. 0_o *Sadness*