It has been CRAZY here lately. Our roommate just moved out yesterday, after 7 long months, and it was the BEST thing for all of us. I am actually the one who packed almost all of his stuff, and moved it outside for him to move.

We lost a couple of people at work within the past few weeks, so I worked 8 days in a row not long ago- right after my boss gave me a little raise. My mother had a test done for MS, but didn't get the results for 2 weeks. The fifth anniversary of my grandmother's death was the day before my mother's and her father's birthdays, also the day my mother got the results from her MS test. (By the way, the doctors are clueless as to the results- she had to have MORE tests, which we haven't gotten the results of yet.) My parents also celebrated their 28th anniversary, and I will be celebrating my birthday this coming Saturday. My aunt's birthday is also in the mix, as well as my trying to get some grants to go back to school. My friend Gabrielle made the move to Mississippi, and my sister moved out of her first apartment, into my grandparents house, but keeps having to go to my parents house for internet because she is taking a couple of online classes at FCCJ. Wow.

So I am still just making little charmies and other crafty things, and now have a new site that I am posting at- It is very similar to, but there are no seller fees, unless you want to donate money toward rainforest conservation efforts. Everyone should check it out! It is sponsored by several other sites, including :) So I will post some pics of a couple of nifty things that I have made shortly, I am on my husband's PC, and the pictures are on mine. Hope everyone has a splendiferous day!