New toy!

Hello all, how are you this evening? I'm doing SPLENDIDLY. :D My wonderful DH just got me a late birthday present. Anyone care to take a stab at what it is? No? Fine then, I'll just tell you. lol. He got me..... A CRICUT EXPRESSION! Not only the Expression, but he also got me the Sure Cuts a Lot cartridge, which should arrive tomorrow! (OMG, that's TODAY now!) I'm SOOOOOO excited! My friend Gabrielle is coming down from Mississippi for a visit, and she just found out that she is pregnant, so we are going to have a BLAST cutting out all kinds of baby stuff for her! I am going to go design some now, actually, just to play with inkscape before SCAL gets here. I'm also REALLY stoked about Gabrielle and her husband, Steven (you might remember them from my post about the Ren Faire last year) coming down for a visit, but I'm sad, too, cuz they are going to Germany for 2 years soon. :( But hey, there is always internet and snail mail, right? :D I'm gonna make her stuff with the Cricut, and mail it to her over there, too! Yay! I also finished her surprise gift, but I'm not gonna post any pics, just in case she peeks at my blog. :) I'll post them after she gets it. I think she's gonna LOVE it! Hmmm...... I just thought of something else to make her, too. *evil grin* I love ideas! lol. Oh, I'm gonna COMPLETELY change my craft area around, including building shelves and making a desk out of matching filing cabinets. Yayness! I'll take a picture of my sketches in a minute, and post them via Picasa. have you guys checked out picasa? It's the GREATEST photo organization and uploading software EVER, and it's totally FREE! Yeah, so check it out. :)