Tools4Wisdom Planner Review

*disclaimer- this is a sponsored blog post. I received the product for free to review* So due to some restructuring at work, I have lost two assistant managers recently, forcing me to work 7 days a week, some days more than ten hours. I WILL get back to posting regularly, I promise! I have replaced one, but now the replacement and I are both working seven days a week, and waiting on the new hire paperwork to come back for the other replacement. Once all that is done, I will be back in full force. In the meantime, I have been using this awesome planner from Tools4Wisdom.

I love it! I can even start planning out posting times better. I can't wait! I haven't had any real down time in months now, and once I finally get it, I am going to be so spoiled!
Anyway, check out the planner here, and enjoy these colorful pictures of it in action!

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