WOJO Calm Supplement Review + Giveaway!

*disclaimer- this is a sponsored blog post. I received the product for free to review*

Hey guys, this time I am bringing you another awesome supplement that is basically the opposite of coffee. Wojo Calm works to calm your nerves in a rough situations, and trust me, I have had a few of those lately! Like I said in an earlier post, I am forty-something days into work, now with TWO whole days off, not just one, squeezed in where it worked, and I have had some STRESS on me while doing it. I grabbed a juice (grape is bright enough that you can't even taste the Wojo, squeezed in a little tube of it, and downed it. It took a little while, but my blood pressure and heart rate calmed down, my nerved seemed less fried, and the pain in my chest subsided. Once again, this could have easily been a placebo effect, but it worked on 3 different occasions so far, so I'm pretty sure it's the real deal. Mixed with something bright and a hint of bitter, you can't even taste it. Grape or cranberry would be the perfect companions.
Not available on Amazon, but you can find it here.

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