Review- Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror

*disclaimer- this is a sponsored blog post. I received the product for free to review*

Hi there! Today I want to tell you about a product that I just had the opportunity to test- the Cassani fog-less shower mirror. I was sent this product for free to test out and review, and honestly, I am pretty impressed! I received this mirror yesterday, and have had 4 showers to test it out (myself twice, my husband twice- I don't shower THAT often!) The first, and most obvious part of the test, was how well it stayed fog-less, which was perfect. A little bit of condensation builds up, but it quickly trickles away, leaving an unblemished reflective surface. The second part of the test is how well it stands up to wear and tear, mostly the adhesive. I question how long it will last IN the shower, honestly, but I can always just hang it on my shampoo organizer with the convenient hook-hole. Speaking of which- this mirror isn't permanently mounted, the hook is. The mirror easily lifts off of the hook so that you can move it around, as needed. This was handy when I wasn't showering, but the bathroom was still steamy, and I was able to grab it and do my makeup at the counter without 1) wiping the big mirror off, 2) waiting for the steam to clear out, which can take quite a while in my bathroom, or 3) grabbing all of my makeup and trying to go sit on my bed and do it, where I would have had to grab a mirror to use, anyway, please try not to spill my makeup crates. It also comes with a razor hook, which is awesome, because the shampoo organizer that I got only has 1, but my husband and I both like to keep our razor in the shower. I would definitely rate this mirror a 4 out of 5, with the only point lost being the adhesive for the hook being questionable. All in all, I would most certainly recommend it to anyone who mentioned needing a mirror for in the shower or bathroom.

You can purchase this product on Amazon here. Going through this link gives me a little kick back, so you are helping me out in the process of getting a nifty mirror!

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