Breaking up is hard to do

My best friend and I broke over some disagreements. I'm not saying anyone was in the wrong, but neither agreed with the other, and it caused what feels like an irreparable rift in our friendship. I hate it. It hurts. I need her in my life, and we haven't so much as texted in 6 months. I think about her daily, and I just wish that things could go back to the way that they were. I don't make friends very easily, and her and I just clicked when we stared working together 6 years ago, and now, I want to cry just thinking about her. I do cry thinking about her sometimes. I love her to death, and something really stupid came between us, but I still don't feel like I was wrong. In fact, I know that I wasn't wrong. Once again, I'm not saying that she was wrong, either, but I know that I wasn't. I wish being an adult wasn't this painful. Right after our break up, I took a big promotion and moved 1000 miles away, and we didn't even say goodbye. I have "accidentally" added her to group messages that I sent out at the holidays, and she hasn't responded to those, either. I guess that we are done. That hurts even more.

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