A quick freebie- crown vector with shadows, and an outline

Hi all. I am working on a few projects, all revolving around my Daddy, of course. This is the crown that we chose to put on his urn, and my brother, sister and myself all plan on getting a variation of it as a tattoo. If you read my previous post, you understand why it's a crown. Otherwise, lol, it's just a random crown. Anyway, there is a base image, the crown with diamond cut outs, and then there are three shadow layers, one with the segmented cut outs, one blackout shadow that is pretty small, more to make it stand out than anything, and then there is a larger blackout shadow, either to put directly behind the blackout layer, or to layer behind one of the other shadow layers for a little more "pop" on your page (or card, or whatever else you use it on lol.) I also made an outline so that I could cut them out in vinyl and put them on our cars. I'm normally against stickering vehicles, but we are all driving used cars right now that already have stickers we can't get rid of. lol. I might even make some bumper stickers to cover a couple of them up. I need to take a break from my Dad's stuff and work on something for my baby girl's birthday on Sunday. I can't believe that she will be 5!  And then 12 days later my baby boy will be 4! Gah! Seems like just last week I was floating around in the pool, my last day of waiting for my little girl, and ironically, Mother's Day, wishing time would hurry up so I could spend it with my kids and family. I wish it would rewind, now. Her birthday isn't going to be the same without her Grandpa there. :( I miss my Dad so much. Everyone please, take good care of your hearts! We are starting to work out to be healthier, I did 20 minutes on an elliptical yesterday, and I felt GREAT afterward! Anyway, here is an image of the SVG file.

Sorry, I tried to link the picture to the download, but my browser kept giving me errors. I don't feel like moving over to Firefox right now, so please forgive my laziness. lol. Ok, it should be fixed. *Yay!* 

It's been a long morning already, including having to go the the grocery store BEFORE taking my daughter to school! We are waiting on my mom to get up and my aint to get here so that we can start working on the craft room again, which has become a temporary storage room that we need to sort through quickly, because there is a whole shift that we are going to have to do, empty craft room, move craft room furniture back to craft room (and out of our temporary room,) move our bedroom suite out of storage and into our temporary bedroom (we are adding on to the house) and then label all of mom's random boxes and put them in the (hopefully) empty side of our storage unit, so that we can go through at a slower pace, because going through Dad's things makes us all start crying and we just stop halfway through a box. Not very productive. lol. We all miss him so much, and it hurts me so bad to see my mom going through this. I mean, yeah, he was my Dad, and I love him unconditionally, but we didn't pick him, and he didn't pick us. Him and Mom DID pick each other, though, and spent 32 years together. It pains me so much to not be able to make her hurting stop.

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