Special from Snapfish.com!

Hi all, I just wanted to share the special that is going on over at Snapfish.com right now! Until March 21st you can use coupon code PADDY20 to reciece 100 prints for $5- including shipping!! Holy wow! I took advantage of it last time they offered it, too, and have myself a nice pretty stack of photos just waiting on me to get time to start scrapping again! I did manage to finish a shadowbox and update a couple of framed photos, and printed a few pieces of art that I have done, but I think that I may have to make another $5 purchase this week. lol. I just did my little brother's senior portraits, and might make a little present for him and my parents now that I can pay next to nothing for my prints!

Before I go, don't forget about Dollar Days over at Lettering Delights! You can get almost everything for $1, and SVGs (even the brand new ones) for only $2 a set! Compare that to pricey cartridges, design cards and dies!

Dollar Days

I am also going to take the time to say that i whole-heartedly support Make The Cut and Sure Cuts a Lot, no matter what kind of what-for ProvoCraft gives them. I have decided taht I will not be supporting PC anymore. By that I mean that I will not purchase any more of their cartridges, mats, blades, stamp material, etc. from any retail stores. HOWEVER, I will not be getting rid of my Expression, I will continue to purchase a used cartridge if I happen to find it within my price range and I have wanted it for a while, and I will most certainly purchase mats, blades, and other PC branded items from Etsy.com and the like. I also have no issue whatsoever with purchasing things like Amy Chomas's gel pen and mini-sharpie holders. In fact, all I need now are the actual gel pens, the embossing tip/holder, and the fine mini-sharpie holder. When my E finally kicks the bucket, I do believe that I will go with a Lynx or a Cougar, and I most certainly WON'T be buying the one other item I have craved forever- the Cuttlebug. I will instead most likely purchase a Wizard Spellbinder. I also won't purchase the Yudu that I have been wanting, but since I have such wonderful software as SCAL and MTC, I can use homestyle DIY techniques for screenprinting, instead. :)  I think PC is making a poor decision, when MTC and SCAL both would most likely have been more than happy to colaberate with PC instead of becoming enemies. Most people who have taken the time to purchase either software still purchase(d) cartidges from PC anyway, this just gave us all the chance to cut custom designs, as well. If neccessary, I will hook up my antique desktop again and not connect it to the internet in order to continue using BOTH programs without worrying about updating and ruining either. Well, there was my rant about it. Hope I didn't step on any toes. ;)

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