The niftiest find ever! (ok, not ever, but so far this year!)

I have come across an entire book of blueprints from a hotel. Seriously. I'm so excited- I will be making a book out of these papers and of basic binding supplies, but nothing else, except maybe an embellishment on the cover. I won't be using any normal paper, no fancy paper for the cover, nothing, just creativity and my blueprints! I will take some pictures of the book before I cut it up, but my camera is dead at present, so I won't be doing it right now. Now I just have to get to the store and get my binding board!

So, did everyone have a good new year? Mine was quiet- I was designing a few scrapbook pages and Chris was playing WoW while the kids got to run amock and terrorize the poor doggies. lol. They really didn't, they were busy playing with their new Christmas toys. Monkey got herself a couple of new princess dolls- an Arial from her Nanny and Poppy and a singing Belle from Mommy and Daddy, and played HARD with them up until Sunday night, when she had to go to bed for school. We might kind of regret the singing Belle. lol. Bubba got himself some robotic toys that walk on their own, as well as a couple of action figures. He has quite the adventures, you know! Sometimes they play together with their toys, but that normally ends up in arguing, because she insists that his toys have to be girls to play with her. lol. Rotten little Monkey! Well, time fo rme to go rearrange some more furniture. :) We got another desk so I don't have to try sit on the bed constantly when I want to use my laptop- my back was starting to hurt! lol. (Anyone who knows us knows that we are total geeks (and gamers) who spend a very large amount of time at our computers!) By the by, Star Trek Online has a deluxe version on sale for $5 on Amazon- it's a digital download and you get a free month of playtime with it. I get to play a joined Trill! I'm so excited! I'm trying to decide if I'm going to science officer, like Jhedzhia Dax, or if I want to go tactical, which is security and commanders, basically. Only thing about tactical is that red shirts are always the frst to die! lol. I guess I'll figure it out- I haven't started my actual game yet, I just played the demo. Oh, but I got a tribble! lol.

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