ANOTHER freebie!

Yay, two freebies in as many days! Maybe I will finally get back on track with blogging, even if it's only super short posts! Well now, today's freebie is a small tiny set of styles for Photoshop. I have been playing around with it for a little while and was finally really inspired by these GLORIOUS styles from ScrapGirls! Now mine are nowhere near the caliber of perfect that ScrapGirls offers, but I thought that it would be fun to give it a shot at making something similar. The first style has a pattern from Aeiryn on, the second and third ones from Photoshop-Stock, also on Noticing a trend? lol. I LOVE Deviant Art and both of these designers are SPLENDID! So I guess I won't make you read anything else, here is the file, and the sample image.

click on image to enlarge for more detail

Please keep in mind that style one (title darkglitter grey stripe chipboard) is only one style, but styles two and three (silver glitter edge teal victorian diamond chipboard and pink glitter edge pink toile chipboard) both have two versions- one just plain shipboard and one labeled for font, so that more of the pattern shows up on thinner areas, because I tried to make them look distressed, but with the plain version just look like glotter edged chipboard. I made these in Photoshop CS5, so I am honestly not sure what previous versions it will work with, but I think it will work with Photoshop 7 and above. Please don't quote me on that, though. lol. Once you extract the .zip file just drag the ASL file into your styles folder under presets, load it in photoshop, and play with your new chipboard styles! You can easily change the pattern on it by clicking on the pattern overlay layer of the style on your image and loading whatever pattern you like over it, but I won't promise that everything will look good with it. These were designed for use in a 12x12 inch image at 300 ppi and WILL look funny on any other size image. The easiest way to use them on another size image is the create your chipboard in the recommended size, choose "resize image" and drag it into your size canvas of choice. Please don't claim as your own, please don't repost else, but please feel free to point all of your Photoshop using pals here to snag the styles! I hope you enjoy!

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