Another drawing.....

So I originally drew this for the cover of the book that I was working on for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo,) but my husband's grandmother got very ill very suddenly and I stopped working on it so that we could spen more time with her. I'm very glad that we did- she passed away a week and a half ago. She had been fighting leukemia for years, but they just found that she was riddled with stage three and stage four cancer all through her body. Greta was a wonderful woman and we all miss her very much. My kids got to go to the ICU to say goodbye to her, and while they were there her heartrate went back up to normal and her breathing came easier. We got a call the next night to get my husbands mother and get up there ASAP (this was about 3 AM) and just as we were geting ready to leave the kids Godfather got home and had us take his truck and he watched the kids for us. We got Chris's mother and made it to the hopital long enough to be there with her for about 15 minutes before she passed. Her son and daughter in law were also there, and it was very peaceful and serene, albeit sureal. She had already told us all that she was at peace with everyone, including herself, and she was ready to go see her husband and the rest of the family that has already passed on. She was strong for us, too, including waiting on us to get there.

Ok, I'll stop going off on a tangent... I just miss her a lot and wish that we had been able to spend more time with her. We love you Greta!

This is the edited version that I would be mostly happy with using as the book cover. Anywho, gonna go now. Hope you like it. :)

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