It's DnDdddddddddddddd.........

So we started playing DnD again, right? And I was SOOOOOOOO excited to play my new character, Oleander, the Enchanting class wizard, that I have drawn her no less than 20 times. No kidding. So after I finished rolling her stats and filling in the character sheet, I still had a few minutes while I was waiting on a few other people to finish with their stats, so I drew her AGAIN. lol. This is how she looked at the start of the game. I am QUITE please with it.

We had a few people missing, however, and one of them was one of the MOST IMPORTANT classes to have in your party- the HEALER! So guess who volunteered to play the healer as well? lol.

So THIS is Feliciana. She is a cleric- which is to say a divine healer who is also powerful against undead. Lucky for us she joined the party, because we are now in a city full of undead. Yipes. I don't have my camera yet, we haven't finished moving, but maybe I'll take some better pictures later on when I get it.

Oh yeah, her name is because we are all TOTAL GEEKS who love the Guild, the online series about a group of gamers who are all in the same guild, and who the lead actress is the lovely Ms. Felicia Day, who plays a healer named Codex. I thought naming her Codex would 1) Be TOO much of a rip off 2) Put some major high standards on her and 3) Make me play her with an attitude that I don't intend for her to have because I would be trying to make her similar to Codex in the Guild. So Feliciana it was! lol. Oh, she's a human, and she DOES have a specialization and a diety, but I am not ready to share those with my party mates, so I am not going to disclose them on the vast interweb yet, because there is always a chance of my party mates finding out where myblog is located and actually taking the time to read it. Lest's just say that this little lovely has a few tricks up her sleeve and a bit of a secret that she is hiding, but she is truely searching to discover the evil behind these undead, rest assured of that!

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