What a month!

Well, where to begin? How about- I am currently jobless. Yeah, it really sucks. My boss let us have the bad news 2 DAYS before he closed the store down. All 10 of us, left out to dry. Really sucked. But hey, since I didn't have to quit, I maintained MY loyalty, and I have a job coming up in August. In the meantime, I have gone up to the school and am going to be going back soon, to be a teacher. I have also started going back to karate. Tonight was my second night, and HOLY CRAP, I am hurting!

Ok, I'll stop rambling, cuz I'm pretty tired, but wanted to get this pretty little file posted for you, so here it is. A MUCH BETTER Care Bear than the ones I posted before- an SVG, for SCAL, of course. So, without further ado, here is Bedtime Bear.