Ok Gabrielle, this is for you!

Here is the proper way to use those acrylic stamps. This is NOT my tutorial! Original found @ http://www.acherryontop.com/article?a=801, and will be full, mine is just a tiny portion for your sake!

It's fairly easy to stick them to your acrylic block, and stamp away. But, if you need a more custom placement. Let's say you want to follow a curve or another shape on your layout or card, try this:

Place your stamps face down on the card or layout in the postion you desire.

THEN, take your acrylic block and place that over the stamps, push down. When you pull the block up, the stamps will be in the exact position you wanted.

Ink your stamp. To get the best ink coverage, rock your stamp back and forth over the ink pad rather than pushing the stamp directly into it.

Check the image to ensure adequate coverage.


When stamping, apply even pressure.

Ok? So don't do that other thing you were doing with them, you might ruin them, and that would suck! Oh yeah, Studio G, and a few others who sell $1 stamps, sell the acrylic blocks for $1, also, they are just really small, but perfect for the $1 stamps. If you are using bigger stamps, invest in a bigger stamp block, or just use the back of a CD case. :) Click on the link at the top to read the full tutorial.