Hey guys

Sorry it's been so long, it's been really hectic around here lately. We are overhauling EVERYTHING that we brought from our storage unit at the end of last year, and there is just SO MUCH STUFF! We gave away a sofa, threw out 2 recliners, and last night alone we went through a bunch of boxes and totes and threw away 10 BOXES of stuff! I'm talking your normal sized moving boxes. Don't worry, I am freecycling anything that is actually WORTH anything, but much of it was just from back in the day.

My sister in law is also supposed to be visiting VERY soon (from SC), and we are trying to make certain that there is enough room for eveyone to be comfprtable. She is bringing hers and my husbands cousin, and they both have kids- babies, actually. My nephew will be 1 in March, and his little girl is just 6 months old! Of course, this is GREAT for getting rid of baby clothes that are just too small anymore! :) I have also been working on a gift for my sister in law, it started off as a photo album, but started evolving into a mini album scrapbook, and will now include several cards that I made for her, some charms, self-addressed stamped envelopes so she has no reason not to write, and whatever other goodies that I decide to throw in there. She has also expressed and intrest in scrapbooking herself, so I am going through my stuff and pulling out supplies for her. It just gives me a good reson to buy more, anyway. ;)

I was re-dying my hair the other night (pink) and Aeris came in and saw me, so now she pink in her hair again, too. lol. It is more of a pastel purpley-pink in her blond hair. Mine came out PINK since I bleached it to a blondish-orange not too long ago. I will try to post some pictures of us up later, but don't hold me to it, please! lol. I have been in the mood to scrap lately, and now I have to go through my stuff anyway, so I'm sure I will find something "new" to play with. :)

Have a good day!