Wow, it has been a slightly eventful few days for my family! Work has been great lately. We weren't doing so good there for a while, but now that gas prices are dropping people seem to have more money to spend on luxeries, such as eating a yummy lunch. On Saturday I was scheduled to work from 9 to 4. Things were going ok, we started getting a little busy, but there was another girl there, plus my boss and a driver, so we had MOST of the day under control. Around 1 in the afternoon I started slicing lunch meat (which we do EVERY day so that it is nice and fresh for our guests!) and the lines just never stopped. I had to keep jumping back and forth from slicing meat to serving guests, PLUS keep the meat refridgerated between slicing. My husband showed up to pick me up at 3:50, and sat in the car reading. At 4:15 my boss told me to go get my husband to come in and eat, because he was buying him a sandwich! (That NEVER happens!) So Chris comes in to eat, I make his sandwich, and get back to slicing. My boss told me not to worry about the cheese, he would have another person do that when he came in. I clocked out at 5:30, and they still had customers! Wow! That afternoon I went home and SCRUBBED my kitchen. I even lifted the top of my stove and cleaned underneath the burners! I don't think I have done that before! lol. We hung out the rest of the day with the kids, and I went to bed WAY to late, but still made it up for work the next morning. Not such a good day for us, but a great day for the store. One of the girls was pretty sick. A few times she had to go rest, and at one point our boss called someone else to come in early so she could go home. The relief couldn't make it in for a while, so she said she would stick around until someone else came in, even though our boss told her to go home, twice. Well, he was getting mad that she wouldn't do anything even though she insisted on staying, and was in a gruff mood, which was rather obvious, but no big deal. I only go in for a couple of hours on Sundays to do prep, so that is what I did, started doing prep. Slicing tomatoes, onions, meat, and all that jazz. The driver did the veggies for me, so that I would only have to do meat. Halfway through the meat, the other girl WALKED OUT. She walked to the register, clicked herself out, and left. Just like that. Luckily, we had someone there besides me, but she is pretty new at the job. Sooooo...... an hour and a half after I was suppossed to leave, I clocked out to go home, with another girl having to take over my prep for me. I had a previous engagement, or I would have stayed later, but it wasn't possible.

When I DID get home, my husband had forgotten to do laundry, which I had asked when I left for work, so I had to run around and find clean clothes for everyone, because we had to GO! We made it to the event, and my parents had saved us seats, but of course, the kids were acting up. lol. It was ok, though. We were there! (It was a big thing for my little brother.) Afterward, we went out to dinner with my parents and brother and sister, and my grandparents. That isn't something that happens a lot, so it was pretty nice. Afterward, before we actually left te restraunt, my mom gave me a gift card for gas, just for coming, Yay! My mommy loves me! :)

We hit storage onthe way home, and pulled out enough stuff to load the car down, and not be able to see out the windows. There was stuff between the kids, under there feet, stuff in my lap, and even stuff between my husband and I. We got about 1/4 of a mile to the Wal Mart we were aiming for (which is where the gift card was for) and ran-out-of-gas. Yeah. Died, right there on the side of the road. Before we even had time to try cranking the car, a cop pulled up behind,and told us we had to move the car out of traffics way. (we were on the shoulder, but it is more the size for bicycles than SUVs. lol.) So he PUSHED us! With his CAR! Right over to the median. Anyway, he patted my husband down, put him in the back of his car, and...... drove him to Wal Mart for some gas. lol. When they got back, Chris put in the gallon that he had gotten (we carry a little gas can in our car, no gas gauge!) and she started right up! That cop saved us some hassle, though. It would have sucked one of us having to walk to Wal Mart. So we went and got MORE gas (at Wal Mart!) and then went home. We unloaded the car, and were able to unpack ALL of the boxes that we had brought home, and put stuff away. Woo hoo! Played some video games, and TRIED to go to bed, still kind of late, but not unGodly o'clock this time. I am getting ready to lay down, all covered up, when we hear a shriek from the kids room. We ran and checked, and my son is just squealing, no reason or rhyme behind it. We could not get him to stop, so I took him in the other room, to see what he would do. He just put his head on my shoulder and held on tight. Fine. I took him to bed with me. :) That NEVER happens anymore, he won't lay still. He climbs on us, bounces around, headbutts us, kicks, whines, you name it. Well, as soon as that light was off, he was OUT. Right on top of me, too. His little head was still on my shoulder and everything. He didn't wake up again til morning, either. Weird.

I was off Monday. That was nice. My sister came over to watch the kids for us, and we went to storage again. We were going to go twice, but it took longer than we planned, so we decided that one trip was enough. We got a good portion of that stuff unpacked, but there are still boxes in our living room. I think we are going to get our Christmas tree next trip, and set it up in the living room. We are also going to set up the big part of our bedroom as a living room. We have a recliner and sofa in the storage unit, and there isn't room for them in the actual living room.

Well, I have to go get ready for work now, so I might post more later. Oh, and I am working on an Etsy shop. I have been making charms to post, so they should be up shortly. Yay! Ok, bye.