Ren Faire Pics!

This is Gabrielle and I trying on authentic bodices. You would not BELIEVE how comfy they were, and how well they SUPPORTED! lol.
This is Gabrielle's husband, Steven, watching Gabrielle's bodice get laced up. lol.
This is the lady who laced up the bodices for us. It was a little awkward when she told us how to "rearrange", and then stared the whole while. But otherwise, she was pretty cool. We did NOT buy any bodices that day, they started at around $108. WAY out of our price range.
These are our little WoodBaby puppets. Gabrielle's (the purple one) sits on her shoulder and the controls go around her back, so she can make it look like it is really looking around without her doing anything. Mine is a simple handheld one, but it is SUPER CUTE, and I love it. THANKS BRIAN! Anna got one, also, a little dragon hatching out of an egg, but I didn't get any pictures of it because this was in the car on the way home, and she rode with Brian, Ford, and Will.
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