Feeling rather studious...

So my husband and I are going to try to get our 6 nieces and nephews out of foster care in South Carolina- we live in Florida. (I won't go into the details here, lets just say that it's very long, and even more compicated.) Anyway, I have been spending the past few nights looking up everything that I can about how to go about doing it. I mean ANY loophole, and hoops that we can jump through that might increade our chances, ANYTHING. I think I might have found something, too! All we have to do is move into a larger home, become certified foster parents, file with the States of Florida and South Carolina for special placement, and then cross our fingers, pray harder than we've ever prayed, and hope that they get transferred before the oldest turns 18 in 6 years. Yeah, I'm serious. But I have contacted a lawyer in South Carolina for legal advice, and I have also contacted their case worker. Hopefully someone actually contacts me back. Grr.

I am also in the process of getting a new job. I had to leave my last job because I went into labor with my son a few weeks early (AT work!) and it wasn't worth returning to with 2 children to support, possibly 8 (hopefully *says short prayer*). So I am going through the application/assesment process with one company right now, and pursuing a potential work at home career that a friend has turned me onto. (she is going to have her first child soon, and needed something to stay home with the baby. She said that it's a great opportunity, and it didn't cost a dime. I'm game for anything right now! lol)

Ok, enough about my boring life. lol. I made a little freebie for you. By little, I mean it is 1 sticker, and 1 doodle. The sticker is something that my 2 best friends and I always drew on everything in junior and senior high school. I miss those girls! The doodle is the ever popular "I {heart} SOS" (SOS being some one special) that I think the entire class of 2004 girls wrote on their hands and notebooks. Hope you like them. :)
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