Hi all! Sorry it's been so long since my last real post, I've been on an adventure! But seriously, we just moved- we went from warm, sunny Florida, to windy, cold Indiana! It's quite a change of scenery, for the kids and I, especially! Chris grew up in South Carolina, so it doesn't bother him AS much, although I think it's started to affect him now that it's almost time for some real snow. We had a nice quiet holiday season- the two oldest stayed with the in laws for the first month, and we drove down at the beginning of December to get them. Had a nice Thanksgiving while we were there, then we packed up the car with more stuff, and headed back out. Poor Chris drove 1800 miles in just 3 days. I took a few hundred, too, but nowhere near what he drove. Anyway, we are mostly settled now and I should have more blog posts that aren't just clothing really soon! I just have to juggle work (why we moved) and the family with blogging. Happy New Year!