Stuck in the waiting room for eight hours?

 Make a list of things to do in a hospital waiting room
 Post on your blog
 If you don't have a blog, set one up. You brought your laptop or tablet, right?
 Do your homework. Statistics, anyone?
 Play Pokemon on the 3DS
 Talk to strangers who are also waiting
 Watch the news that is most likely playing
 Watch your favorite show on Netflix
 Are you a manager? Write a new list of tasks for employees. 
 Balance your checkbook
 Pace nervously
 Try to make the coffee taste good. Give up and drink it anyway. Burn your mouth. 
 Read a book
 Read a devotional
 Color in a coloring book. Happiness is a new pack of crayons. 
 Take a nap
 Do the crossword in the newspaper
 Pay bills online (free wifi, right?)
 Play on Polyvore some more
 Turn it into a pretty list with the Pages app