I'm such a slacker! (Or just really busy...)

Ok, so I didn't manage to get around to making that tutorial video I mentioned in my last blog post. I still plan on making it, I just have to get all my supplies together and then find some SUNLIGHT to record it. All we have seen around here lately is rain, and my craft room is in the attic, so no possibility of bringing in extra light or anything. Bummer. I actually have a list of videos that I will be bringing to you, including some projects of what to DO with the alcohol ink tutorial that I previously posted, some DIY shimmer mists, alcohol ink blending tool (yes, you CAN make one yourself, and for much less than they cost at the craft store. I made 6 for about $8, and had plenty of extra blending felt to change out my colors every time I needed to,) and anything else that I think might be fun or handy to anyone else. I MIGHT even throw in a tutorial for making your own SMASH-like book, if I can make it fit into my schedule. :)

In the meantime, here is a tutorial that I posted a long time ago, how to make your own custom alcohol inks. Enjoy!

From ScrapNMommy