I don't know where the original image came from, there are hundreds of them when I pull it up on Google, but I took this Star Wars Coffee image and made it into an .SVG cut file so I can make a cup for a friend, and thought that I would share it with everyone. :) Click the picture to download.

Star Wars Coffee logo

A nerdy tumbler for each of the three of us managers at my job.

I didn't have the patience to weed the fine print, so I left it at the logo.
He didn't mind.

Considering we named our youngest after the show, it's safe to say that Firefly is still one of my favorite TV shows ever made.

And of course someone had to have a superhero crush, the Bat signal. 

{This is the BEST way to make a cherry Coke- concession stand cherry slushie, and ice cold Coke, fresh from the fountain. I like it better with regular Coke than I do with Cherry Coke. Blue raspberry slushie is also, surprisingly (the color, I think) tasty in Coca Cola classic.}

Card Cafe
From ScrapNMommy