Updating craft room!

Sorry I've been MIA, again! I have got to work on being more timely on my posting. Anyway, it's been insane at my house since Christmas. We had family come stay with us for two months, and then I decided to give my kids their own rooms, so I gave up my HUGE (16x10.5) craft room for my daughter to have a "princess tower" bedroom. I am working on Rapunzel's murals from the movie Tangled in there right now. More on that later (probably). For now, let's just say that I have A LOT of stuff, and the room that I moved into, right next to the old craft room, has not only the central air unit in it, but has been serving as the attic is intended- storage. I was able to move most of the stuff either to one half of the room or find it a rightful home, either elsewhere in my home, or in someone else's! Lol. In my tiny (8x10.5) half room I also have the chimney coming straight through the middle room, almost making an entire wall useless. I think I'm going to put plywood or drywall around it (there is no fireplace or stove hooked to the other end, the old potbelly was long gone before we got here) and use it for shelves or at least a billboard. So far I have really been working on organizing and condensing my stuff. I have my closet mostly set up, and this awesome 4 foot shelf that I put a dowel through for ribbons and paper tapes, and my wire rack and file cabinet are mostly set up, too. I have a desk and 2 shelf units to put in other rooms, and I still have a few boxes of records to find a home for until I manage to make my 'oldies armoire' with my record/8 track player in it and storage for my records and 8 track tapes. That will be housed in either the living room or the foyer, still deciding. Here's a couple of pics of what I've done so far. Any recommendations for a converted attic room with A-frame walls inside to make it more useful? Adding dormers is out of the question, as is most any construction project.