New bits of this and that (SVG and title image freebies)

Hey all. I'm still working on stuff for my Dad's scrapbook, and most likely will be for a while. Anyway, here is another image I made to cut out with my cricut-

I didn't want to make the image the link because the image would be good for someone to use as a title for digital scrapbooking or something similar.

So, the latest ramblings and goings on in my life? Well, aside from being uber depressed (I really miss my Dad. He missed my daughter's fifth birthday and PreK graduation so far, and will miss my son's fourth birthday in a week, just to name a few things right off the bat.) I have been starting to feel bad for a few days now, with my eyes getting red and puffy, my throat hurting and just overall body aches. It got so bad last night that my husband rushed me to the ER. (To the SAME ER, in fact, that my father was pronounced dead at. *shiver*) Turns out I have viral conjunctivitis, tonsilitis, and on top of the tonsilitis, I have ulcers growing on my tonsils! WTH? Since it's all viral (likely caught from one of my kids, they have been had viruses in the last few weeks and Aeris IS was in school.) there isn't really anything they can give me to make me get better faster. So they gave me pain relievers. lol. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of taking medications. Oh, and since I've been so sick, including having issues seeing, I missed my baby girl's pre school graduation. :( My mom and sister went, though, and got some pictures. I just have to wait until they get developed because for some really random reason, Mom uses disposable cameras still. lol. Nah, it's one she had laying around that had about half the pictures taken and she wanted to see what they were, if there were any of Dad on it, so she tried to use it up. Well, I know that I have started rambling, so I am going to go now, and watch my kids get ready for the park, but not touch them. :( I miss hugs from my family. *sigh*

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