Feelin' silly yet triumphant

I just learned something new! First off, you have just GOT to check out the two newest sets of SVGs from Lettering Delights! There is Something Fishy about this cute set, full of cute little sea creatures some punny joke, such as "That's a morray" and "You octopi my thoughts."

The second one is called Ninja Kicks and it's just plain ol' adorable! Now the scrappers of family members involved in the "Pirates vs Ninjas" debates can equally scrap BOTH sides of the argument, while it used to only be possible to find things for the pirate side of the war. :) It has cute little ninjas involved in very nija-ish activities, along with some quotes like "Just for kicks" and "I do not sleep, I wait." This would also be super cute for a martial arts layout or maybe to help out with decorating for the karate class end of the school year party. (I know mine used to have them!) If you decide to get these files, don't forget to use the $5 off coupon code I posted the other day, you will get both files for $5 total, instead of $10! OR, you could buy more than those two and use the 40% off coupon code that I also posted. Happy shopping! :D

And now for what I feel silly about. lol. I was playing around in MTC (with something's fishy at that!) and noticed that when I went to select the color for the layer, that I could also choose to select a texture. Oh me, oh my, am I SUPER happy now! See I knew you could print using MTC, and I knew I had seen people displaying LD files cut on patterned paper, but it never occurred to me that they could have PRINTED the graphic with the pattern as a texture and THEN cut it out! Well, for anyone else who isn't sure, YOU CAN! YAY! Here is a really lame display of the textures being used on the super cute blowfish from Lettering Delight's Something Fishy SVG collection, using textures from some digital papers at Design House Digitals.
It's really sad how super stoked I am about having figured this out, but I HAVE had a really bad last 4 1/2 weeks. *sigh* Not to get on the depressed tone again, but I can't sleep lately- I fell asleep about 10 last night and woke up at 1:30 am already crying. Good thing, though, the AC unit had leaked all over into the living room and I had to get my brother to pull the pipe off of it and hook it back up to the emergency drainage hose. Guess it's a good thing I woke up. I didn't sleep AT ALL the night before. Didn't even go to bed. It'll eventually catch up to me, I hope. Well, I hope I helped someone with this post. Have a good day (or night!)


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