Steph visiting!

I l♥ve this woman! This is Steph, and she hailed us from Dothan, AL, just to come down and see us for a day. It was a splendid day that I wish hadn't ended, but then there wouldn't even be anything else splendid happening, and I guess that wouldn't be good, either.

This is Baby Girl, of course. She buried her own feet, and was quite proud of it. lol. I am quite proud of HER, in general. And her shirt. :P

THIS is a fish that I caught. With my hands. lol. It wasn't hard, the poor little guy washed up on the beach, so I just picked him up and snapped a picture, then I put him back in the water. I have NO CLUE what kind of fish it is. lol.
Me and the Stephanie! ♥ Sadly, this was when she was getting ready to go back home. We were sayong our goodbyes, and my hubby snapped a few pictures of us. I can't wait until the next time I get to see her!

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