And they're mailed!

Yay! The post office was very smooth. I actually used the click and ship from their website, and just had to go drop it off. Priority shipping and flat rate shipping are wonderful! The books were too big as a set to fit in the small flat rate box, but the medium priority box was only a few cents more! Yay! For padding I remembered that something I got in the mail was padded with bags of air, and I didn't like how much bubble wrap costs, so I used a ziplock bag! lol. I puffed it up with air and filled up the other half of the box with it. Talk about economical! It was a PERFECT fit with that in there. Oh, and I reused the box, as well! :) Win-win-win for me today! AND I finished another book and am working on 2 sets of 4 cahiers that I have been watning to make, and I htink I'll have them finished in the hour! Whoot!

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