New fun!

So I got a nice present as a valentine's day/birthday/anniversary/mother's day gift, and now I want to share with you all some fun that can be had with it. My DH got me a Cricut, and the Sure Cuts a Lot software, which replaces the need for cartridges with the fonts that you have installed on your PC. That's right, folks, you can avoid the $90 a cartridge price and just pay for the software (I paid $65 for mine on eBay- Buy Now option) and you can download THOUSANDS of fonts! PLUS- you can use .svg files- which are scalable vector graphics, and import them into SCAL to cut out custom shapes and the like. There are quite a few places online to download free .svg files, but there are even more to pay jst a small fee and buy a whole set of them. Well, I decided that I would like to share some with you, as well, so here you have it, my first .svg project, a BABY word album. :)

This is just an example, you can cut it out on whatever paper you would like. Each letter is a seperate file, as well, so that you don't have to go through any extra steps to get what you want. Enjoy!