It's been 3 years and 2 days....

Since I became a mother. A real live, baby chasing, diaper changing, no more free time and loving it mother. My little girl turned 3 on Friday, and I don't know where the time went! My son will be 2 in 10 days, as well, and he has even been acting older these past 2 weeks. It's kind of weird. lol. Well, I was suppossed to work all weekend, but someone came back from vacation early, and wanted some hours, and I couldn't refuse. It meant that I got to pick my babies up from my parents and spend my daughter's birthday and weekend with them. We went to see Daddy at work Friday night for dinner, and he even got to come sit with us for a few minutes. Then, yesterday, we met "Gammy" and "Grandpa" for dinner at Applebee's, and today, we just chilled out at home, and while mommy was in the shower, the kids got into the toilet in the other bathroom. Oh goody. So, 2 baths later, she is napping in their room, and he is playing on my bed, so that he can't get into any other trouble (at this moment, anyway). We have been talking about one REALLY big gift, for both kids. Daddy is thinking about moving his "office" to the living room, and giving each of the kids their own bedroom. It makes sense, she likes toys that he tries to eat, she LOVES pink, him not so much, and she likes Tinkerbell and the Princesses, and he is into Pooh and Cars, so the more I think about it, the more that I am into the idea. We shall see. We have to get an electricion out here, first. There is a short in the living room and kitchen. Bah.

Well, I need to go fix something for the bebes to eat for supper, so I shall leave you all with this little svg. :)

She is from a brush set on I'm not certain by whom, at the moment.