My "Crafty Corner"

The things hanging up at the top in the big ziplock bags are my 12x12 paper. I use the hangers that have the clothespin-like clips on them, and not only are they easy to find and sort, but they are now waterproofed, and out where I can see them with ease, AND not getting crushed or wrinkled.

The clear paint bucket houses my mounted rubber stamps. The unmounted clear stamps have their own drawer in my desk, and might need something even bigger soon. lol.

The big plastic drawers house acrylic paints, pens and pencils, and a few other odds and ends. On top of them, the heart containers hold my polymer clay and polymer supplies, as well as one very special project that I am currently working on. The basket behind them holds my little camera, some stencils, my blank cards, and some paper scraps that I really love and think I have a project for.

The filing cabinet (wood drawers) hold MOST of my magazines and books, but there are still a few that won't fit in there. It also holds my chipboard shapes, my die cuts, and some blank notebooks that I like to keep around, just in case. On top of that, in the back, are 5 pencil boxes that hold a large variety of pens, pencils and markers, as well as paper clips, staples, tape, and glue, and some cardboard punches for my babies's albums.

The heart basket isn't suppossed to be there, but it also has markers in it, as well as some Play Doh (c) supplies that I stole- err, borrowed- from my kids for playing with clay.

The green closet shoe hanger thingy has stickers in it. Nothing else, those are all stickers. They aren't even my whole selection. I need HELP! lol. Behind that is a hanging makeup bag that has some mini albums that I am working on it. Over to the side you can see a pile of stuff that I am trying to work down to nothing, and next to that is where I store my sewing machine, but my "mechanic" (My Papa) has it at the moment, trying to fix it for me. I haven't used it for any projects yet, my mother only recently gave it to me, and it isn't working properly. Hopefully Papa can fix it for me!

Above that is another rack that houses pictures, some empty ziplock bags, just in case I decide I need more paper ;) and some DCWV paper stacks. I LVOE DCWV! There is also a book set- Elements, by Creating Keepsakes, that I purchased off of Amazon for $2! (plus shipping) I LOVE a sale! :D

This is actually a baby dresser type thing, but my kids try to climb on it, and that obviously won't work. I ahve confiscated it, and use it for supplies now. On the top I have a few odds and ends, including a large paper trimmer and some rolls of Martha Stewart paper that I got for a PENNY! (Michaels- clearance isle on a good day!)

In the cubby with the pink basket are photography props, besides the wings that are on top.

In the cubby with green basket are a few clay-working supplies, including my yummy scents. There are also a few paper goods, and my brads and eyelets.

In the bottom left cubby I keep small amounts of fabric. You never know what you might decide to do with it!

And finally, the bottom right cubby- I have a portfolio of my work from when I worked in a portrait studio, some pictures, and a nifty brochure holder that I recycled from a store I worked in that was closing down. It works gerat for holding 4x6 pictures or even some paper scraps.
Another view of my closet, this time with a little bit of my scrapping desk in it. The things hanging on the *white* wall are just some felt chandelier ornaments. The things hanging on the little brown wall, however, are a flower, ready to be used as an embellishment, and my Cutter Bugs (c)- $2.50 on clearance at Wal Mart- for BOTH of them! They are the piercing and double piercing kinds.
As you can see, I have a large collection of vinyl records THAT I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT I AM GOING TO DO WITH! Yeah, I have a record player, but most of this music is nothing that I would ever listen to! A family friend passed away, and I was allowed to have these. I really appreciate them, but they are taking up a lot of space and making my shelf warp! Ahh!

Oh yeah, they flowers are actually for use as embellishments. Paper flowers cost too much for what they are. I just pull these guys off of their stems, pull out the plastic middles, and use a brad or sew them onto a page. I don't spend more then about 50¢ on each stem, and as you can see, I can get quite a few flowers from each one, AND they look nice, like a bouquet! Fun!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed my "crafty corner". This is my little place to escape the world (or at least the kids, hubby, and guy roommate). Thanks for checking it out!
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