I recieved some of the most painful news that I have heard in 3 years. All 6 of my sister in laws older children, Kayla, Michael, Noah, Issac, Jacob and Skyla, have been adopted. Not only have they been officially adopted, but they are not all together. Kayla and Michael, who have been moved around a lot since they were taken from their mother, are together. Noah, Issac and Jacob are with the same family that they have been with since day 1, but Noah and Issac have *supposedly* been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, and we don't even know how long they have. And then there is little Skyla, who was taken from the hospital the day after she was born, who is with a very loving family that has raised her from the start. She must be having the absolute easiest time dealing with it, since she never knew any of her biological family. The last time that we saw any of them was January 3rd, 2006. Since that day, my sister in law has had 2 babies, Skyla, who is 2 months younger than my daughter, and Nijah, born this past March, almost a year old now. She still has him. I guess the reason that it hurts so badly is because we wanted them so much. We love these kids like they were ours, and now we may never see them again, especially the sick ones. My prayers are with them and their new families, and I hope them all the absoulte best. I pray that one day we will get to see them, but I would just like to write to them or send them letters now and again for the time being. I also pray that their mother can keep this little, but if she can't, that she makes sure he gets the best life possible. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas.