What was up with her?

This lady was "camped" at our precinct boundry all day. No one is allowed to do any campaining or soliciting within 100 feet of a polling location, or any of it's entrances. The orange cones in the pictures are our 100 foot markers. She was incredibly rude, covered McCain signs- ON BOTH SIDES- with Obama signs, several times, kept appearing with more Obama signage, and was constantly calling the Supervisor of Elections Office with complaints. At one point, she called the CITY to file a complaint against the CHURCH that hosts our precinct, claiming that the people there were just incredibly rude and wouldn't allow her the right of free speech. The gentleman who lets us in at the begining of the day, and locks us out at the end of the night, and makes sure that everything is running smoothly for us and the church all day in between, asked her to tone it down a bit at one point, and made it a point to her, since she insisted that she was on "public property" and could do whatever she wanted, that it is actually illegal to put up signage on public proper. She proceeded to change it to "private property", in which case he pointed out that since the church is a non profit organization, they are not allowed to take any sides in political matters, and that they could "technically" lose their non-profit status becuase of what she was doing. Well, to make a long story short, involved were: a dog, around 60 or 70 Obama signs (taken out of local FRONT YARDS), disappearing McCain signs, a big pile of signs behind a fire station, representatives of the other team, getting quite upset, amused- then annoyed- firefighters, several lawyers, a church official, election officials, MY MOM, and this lady. Wow. But hey, at least the church didn't have to pick all those signs up afterward, right? Nor did anyone else, for that matter.