New Phone

Hey you guys. So we finally got new phones. I am sad because I will miss using my Blackberry, but since it doesn't have service, I will now use it as a PDA and MP3 player. I mean, if has a 1.3 megapixel camera, a 2 Gig memory card, plays songs over the speaker or takes headphones, I can install applications out the yin-yang on it, and it has a GREAT calendar section, complete with alarm clocks for different things, and pop-up reminders. So yeah, I will now look goofy carrying 2 phones, but I bet mine do just about everything phones can do, PLUS some!

Anyway, we got Metro PCS yesterday, and for HALF of what we were paying monthly for TMobile, we have UNLIMITED talk, text, and web use. Yeah, I can talk 44-some odd THOUSAND minutes a month, if I REALLY wanted to, and not pay anything extra for it. They don't have as broad of coverage as some of the other guys, but they allow roaming (for about 46 cents a minute, I think) or what the call TravelText, for free. Basically, you can send all the text messages you want while you are out of the calling area, and not pay a roaming fee for them. Not too bad. It's not like we LEAVE Jacksonville a lot. If you don't count St. Augustine, we have left twice since we got married. If you do, we have left four times. In 4 years. :) I think we should be good. Anyway, I am going to try to set everything up to my new number now. If I know you, and you need that new number, email me for it.

Have a nice day!