Late night romps to the ER

So I didn't get home form the polls until after 9 last night. I had already been up for 36 hours straight, but hadn't eaten anything since around 11 that morning, either. As you can imagine, I wanted to do 2 things, and that was it. I wanted to eat, and sleep. Well.... Chris and I wound up going to the store for dinner, and left my sister, whom I had ridden with to the polls, with the kids. 30 minutes later, he is cooking, I am forcing myself to stay awak and not very coherant. 1.5 hours later, my sister is saying thanks for dinner, and she will see us later, on her way out the day. 15 seconds later, I am getting ready to jump in bed, when, out of the blue, Chris says something about Atty being "really swollen" (down there). What? I checked on him. I almost started CRYING you guys! We wound up taking to Wolfson's around midnight because, c'mon, ya'll know Momma was freaking out! 2 doctors checked him, I think to make sure that we didn't do anything to him. One of them flat out said that it was some freak infection, and that this was not a case of trauma at all. (Ok, that makes them stop looking at us to terribly, AND it mean that he didn't fall wrong learning to walk. *exhales*) So, this morning we have to go get his prescriptions filled, and we have to use special (prescription) diaper cream on him for, like, 10 days, and give him this *lovely smelling* medicine twice a day for the same. Peacy. After this, all we have to say is, Boy, your wife is gonna EAT THIS UP some day! ;P

*By the way, I finally got to go to sleep after FORTY-TWO HOURS! I think I got up too soon, too, and now I am gonna go "nap".