how charming

I am working on a line of charms to sell on, which I recommend that everyone go check out, right now! It's like eBay, but for handmade or vintage items. My shop name is SCRAPNM0MMY. That's right, the "o" is actually the number zero. ScrapNMommy was taken, and while they were willing to delete their account so I could have it, once a name is used, it can't be reused ever again. *sadness* Anyway, go check out, and if anyone wants any special charms, let me know. So far I have only made "kawaii" type stuff, but I could try my hand at just about anything. To cover the costs of supplies, packaging and shipping, they will range from about $5 up. I will be posting more pictures in my blog of charms that I have made, and will post a link to my shop once I post items in it. Thanks for looking!
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