Hey guys, we just got hit with a power outage. Yay! *sarcasm* anywho, here is a cute LITTLE turtle I found at work a few weeks ago. He got blow up to the building by a storm we had, so I took him back across the street to the pond. Seems like I do that a lot, huh? Anywho, here he is! Ironically enough, he was also a slider. Weird.

Ok, so I originally tried to post this from my phone, but for some reason the picture didn't work. Anywho, power is back on now, so I have fixed it. Yay! So here ya go, a super tiny turtle. By the way, did you know that the younger the turtle, the HIGHER your chances to catch salmonella are? Yeah, a 3 week old (human) baby died from it, because the family had a baby tutle, too. Just a sad random fact that I found out.