So Sorry! Life is CRAZY!

First off, here's a freebie for you all! I'm so sorry that I've been away so long!

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Ok, onto the blogging! lol. Looks like there is NO chance of us getting my sister in laws kids, no matter if she gets them or not. If she DOES get them back, we are going to try to convince her to move down here with us. If not, we are going to beg for visitations with them. Hmm, what else... I have a job now. Selling cell phones- again. lol. We are finally getting on the right track. We are letting another couple stay with us, and they have a 9 month old little girl, so our girls get to play together every day. It's so much fun having 2 babies playing together. :) My great aunt died a few days ago. It sucks, but it was her time. I just keep praying for her soul, because she didn't seem to be a believer. Hmm. Well, here's a couple of pages that I've made lately.
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Beauty for Ashes {Digi Dare #52}
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Me, At Twenty {Digi Dare #53}
Well, hopefully I can get on tomorrow and upload some more stuff for ya'll! Have a good night!